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Importance of Shabad Kirtan

Kirtan is a form of music – the singing of Gurbani.

We know that performing music and even listening to music has tremendous benefits on a person’s brain activity. There are also considerable physical, emotional and social benefits. Science has been telling us all of this for a very long time. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improving mental alertness – so much so that the Alzheimer’s Society has a singing service to help those with dementia.
  • Lowering stress – this happens as the amount of cortisol decreases in a person’s bloodstream, as a result of singing
  • Boosting your confidence – singing in front of others (even a small audience) helps overcome stage fright

(Source: 11 Surprising Health Benefits of Singing)

But why is Kirtan so important? Let’s take a slightly spiritual perspective.

1) Helps you learn Gurbani.

Kirtan is the singing of Gurbani. Through singing, a person can often learn the words much more easily to Gurbani, Shabads, and Nitnem. Have you ever walked out of a Gurdwara and a particular shabad that you were just listening to is still playing in your mind? While you might be remembering the tune, you’re likely to also remember the words – the Gurbani.

2) Encourages you to do Simran

On every page of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, instructions are given to chant, jap, recite or remember. These are all different words for Simran – the practical application of Gurbani. So, when you hear Guru Sahib telling you to chant, jap, recite or remember, do just that. Learn more about how to incorporate Simran into your work schedule.